Spillers – Conditioning Fibre 20kg


The perfect complement

Spillers Conditioning Fibre should be the foundation of every horse’s diet as it is fundamental for digestive health. Adding a double handful of chopped fibre to your horse’s feed is routine but often little thought is given to choosing the right fibre for your horse.

SPILLERS® Conditioning Fibre is a unique balanced blend of natural fibres to complement conditioning feeds.

  • A unique balanced blend of natural fibres ideal for horses and ponies requiring extra condition and coat shine.
  • Contains good quality protein to support muscle tone and topline.
  • Formulated to help build condition without excitability.
  • Includes soya oil for non-heating calories and excellent coat condition.
  • Enriched with a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals to provide your horse or pony with more nutrition than any other chopped fibre blend.
  • Can be combined with a mix or cube or fed as a replacement for compound feed (see feeding guidelines below).
  • Contains a palatable blend of dried British alfalfa and straw carefully chosen for its consistent nutritional quality.
  • Its short chopped form extends eating time and provides extra bulk.
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Spillers – Conditioning Fibre 20kg