Supa Dried Calci-Worms 1ltr


Supa Dried Calci Worms are a 100% natural highly nutritious protein rich treat for Wild Birds that will attract birds to your garden all year round.

Calci Worms contain higher levels of Calcium than Dried Mealworms, so are ideal for feeding to the birds around breeding times as the Calcium helps in producing stronger eggshells.

The Worms come in a handy plastic tub that has a re-sealable lid, which avoids waste & mess and keeps the feed fresh.

Supa Calci Worms are perfect for those people who do not wish to handle live worms. All the goodness without the “squeamish” factor.

What are Calci Worms?
Dried Calci Worms are the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens).

Why are Calci Worms a good bird food source?
The beauty of Calci Worms is that they contain high levels of protein and fats which makes them both delicious and nutritious for your garden visitors.

In addition, they contain high levels of Calcium which is important in the breeding season for the production of strong healthy eggshells.

When should you feed Dried Calci Worms to Wild Birds?
Birds adore Dried Calci Worms as they provide a valuable and nutritious source of food. Calci Worms are a favourite of garden birds all year round, though they are particularly popular in winter and summer when their energy requirements increase.

In summer wild birds are very active buildings nest & raising their young and in winter they need nutritious food to stay warm, Dried Calci Worms provide the ideal food to give the birds at this time.

Many wild birds eat insects as part of their natural diet, so feeding Dried Calci Worms mimics this behaviour.

Dried Calci Worms can be fed as a treat or can be mixed in with other seed or suet pellets. Also if required you can soak the Dried Worms in water for 15 to 20 minutes to re-hydrate them, which will make them easier for the birds to digest. This is particularly useful for young birds and fledglings

The reusable 1 Litre plastic bucket avoids waste & mess and keeps the feed fresh.

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Supa Dried Calci-Worms 1ltr